Pushing Boundaries


Alhamdulillah.. I just got my gastronomic nasi goreng pattaya with yongtawfuh dry version. Eheh. I used to eat yongtawfuh swimming freely in simply-made soup, Johorean-style of course. Yet, I still enjoy all the scrumptious food available in KMB with my beloved rumet. Siap main suap2 lagi haha.

27th of Feb. Pre-camp Pushing Boundaries (PiBi) 

1500. We had a joint venture with KMS students as they were also involved in this camp. An awkward moment happened when we were not having any warmly ice-breaking beforehand. It started with a breathtaking activity. Yet, we managed to handle the situation even we were eventually working together as strangers. Conceptually, we were given a task of doing a project where we need to build a sustainable ‘machine’ to be used by the Orang Asli in Pahang. Everything went smooth except the way we redressed the problems. Everyone in the group contributed well in giving ideas and hands to complete our task. But, there were still flaws especially during dealing with decision-making. But for me, I realized that I was the one who being introvert, unintendedly. Huhu. I isolated myself from being in the discussion whilst waiting order from the leader. I prefer to talk when in need and I rather keep myself silent when there are too many people talking in one time. I believe that ample space must be given to those have the experience and skills as if they can contribute more (evil laugh). Naa, i also helped in deploying all the stuff to make the rakit. Finally, we came out with a rakit equipped with a flexible pukat at the back hoho. We justified that our invention can yield more tangkapan than the common one and it worth more than 100K you know (in damra of course) lol. Back to hostel, I felt lil bit guilty. I found myself useless to the group. Urgh. I just realize that I have nothing! I don’t neither have the capability nor skills to build a rakit T—T at least I’d know how to tie a knot.

Next session was with Cha, our father. Yes, for me he is more than a facilitator or whatnot. This session had completely shifted my paradigm! During my previous school, I was the one who always mencapub (cari publisiti). I believe that in order to become a good leader, you must have an excellent communication skills and courage to talk insightfully in front people. Corny. I knew already. But, PiBi has completely changed my perception toward leadership and followership. It is more than being a pengawas that act bajet all the time. Eheh. From there, I know am not useless at all! hehe. Lesson to learn is don’t be so self-centred. It is already stated in Quran in surah ali-Imran verse 104.

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.”

Alhamdulillah, it triggers something more than we used to think before. Our Creator, ALLAH s.w.t has always blessed us with everything we are not asking for. Each of us is created beautifully with different strengths and weaknesses. That is the catch. Therefore, it is our responsibility to complement each other by sharing and caring. Ahah.


1st -3rd of March

During the 3 days adventurous camping in Jeram Besu, Pahang, it was the most suitable medium for us to apply what we had been provided before as if basic concepts of teamwork and leadership as well as followership. I had tried my best to change my attitude and contribute to the max to the team! A-team! I already knew how to voice out my idea and challenge myself to venture out new things. We need to run from our comfort zone peeps! As the facilitators had arranged structured events for us (more to military survival skills), we conducted the discussion step by step. We started with identifying probs, analyzing, weighing out pros and cons, making decision, planning strategies and the most crucial thing is how to implement it systemically. Eventually, we will end our day with reflection session. The utmost matter to do is you walk the talk. It is useless even you keep reflecting but never take any lesson from it. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that do not afraid of mistakes, providing you do not make the same twice. *wink*

Appreciate the sweet epoch guys, the friendship itself. During the jungle trekking, the moment when we were being ambushed by the gerilla (Orang Asli), I injured my feet. I tried to camouflage myself by hiding at the back of a huge tree. Unfortunately, the gerilla bombarded me with his high-tech weapon. I ‘died’ due to severe injury. When the other member managed to kill 2 gerillas, I was awarded of a ‘life’. Yeay! I almost forgot the pain I felt on my feet. I thought it was only a black ant bite. Yet, a sharp end of the ‘protective’ root pricked my feet. Alhamdulillah, it was not too serious as I managed to finish the camp till the end, as I was not alone. There were all my supportive friends, providing enough strength to me throughout all the activities. Thanks guys! enjoy while doing abseiling and white water rafting with you guys!

Friends, life is like a box of chocolates and candies. Yes, you need to try all the mysterious flavor of the confectionary. You might get the strawberry flavor yet you also have the possibility to get the petai or budu flavor as well. Lol. Take care of each other and respect them as well. As we live to benefit and inspire other people, we must take off the skeptical and judgmental eyes. Be as neutral as possible and bring eternal happiness to everyone! in shaa ALLAH!

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