2018 and Jan 2019

Hi guys, salam.

I’m in the middle of the end-month hectiness and upcoming CNY. Some of you might know that I’m now in retail business. Ibu urged me to apply for KPJ, but I’m not ready for it.

My bestie Dinidarling just wrote her first blog I’m cryingggg! Dini was my number one supporter. She was the backbone of the publishment of my two books. She is the reason why I’m writing this post. Thank you Dini :) sayang awak!

Too much excuses. My laptop isnt with me now, but I can blogging with my phone right? Duhh.. You know what, I just forgot how to entangle messiness of mind by writing it down here. I forgot how to describe my feeling with poems. This life.. just make me numb sometimes.

So, today this post is meant to be an appreciation post. For how much 2018 had been kind to me, to us. Sincerely from my heart, to all my kakak seniors yang berjaya grad from medical school, tahniah! I’m happy for you guys. I’m sorry, saya segan nak mesej privately. Each of you always in my mind. Kind souls who approached a stranger and bring her together to embrace the journey to find her meaning of life. Yang tolong ajar, yang tolong kejut study. Tipu tak ingat..

To my friends yang dah menikah, it is sweet right? I’m sorry, saya segan nak datang majlis. I know bukan you guys tak jemput. Tengok gambar pun I dah happy. InshaAllah bahagia is in everythg as long as we do it together with our beloved one.

Thank you for everything.

Pokok bunga, rumah ibu. 

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  1. Hey I got some mention here! Thank you Aqila! Apa pun, You take care of yourself, mentally ,physically everything ok. You know its important right. Stay tuned for my blog post! Salam